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community. roscoe bartlett is a self-styled man with some ability too point streak inindependent energy andtheratters. a t of f analysts have said this his race to losose because -- michael,'m going to talk t to written about how ch money has been put into our regi thanks tohe cpaign. that will be a losing proposition. there e other things at stake. what are the m most important races? talk too us about the virginia toe when it comes down george allen. >> another close contest. this region is filled w with cle contests. major implications state, and nationwide. it is hard to get a feefor him becacause i thinknk the business cocommunity is respoing well t allen's call, espially regar to sequestration. and they like tim kane, too. whether theyis feel good about hisroposasal to theush tax cuts to expire for the higher income earnrners. was up there before the n fit thed i did feeling the business leaders happy with that. it may be plning a betr i in northern virginia. there are many reasons to watch in this week he will have obama-romney, who is better of theess on each issues. a good read
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1